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As a woman, a mother, what does it mean to be confident?

And what role does movement play in building lasting confidence?

Women attending the conference will hear from three experts in the field of movement and learn specifically about how we can connect the way we move and the way we integrate a healthy living practice into our lives to practice better self-care, ultimately leading us to better care for those little (or big) beings who depend on us! All speakers and event staff are moms, and this unique event is truly geared toward giving each and every participant an opportunity to focus on herself both as an individual and as a mother, and to empower attendees to live their most confident life


Beachcities Community Church

9872 Hamilton Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92646


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m.

(childcare drop-off will also open at 8:30 a.m.)

Conference 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. | Lunch will be provided


$75 per person

Childcare is available for children 5 and under

$20 per child (space is limited)


Please plan to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to learn and enjoy our amazing community of moms! The workshop will include a Pilates-based movement class, so please be sure your clothing will allow you to comfortably move.

The conference includes a mat class, so you will need a mat for this session.

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Conference Agenda

8:30 am - Doors Open

8:30 am - Check-in, Refreshments, Childcare Drop-off (if applicable)

9:00 am - Keynote: Leah Stewart - MS - Founder of LiveLife Pilates

10:15 am - Track 1*: Brooke Winder - PT, DPT, OCS - Pelvic Floor Specialist

11:05 am - Track 2*: Jenna Zaffino - Pilates Educator & Host of the Pilates Unfiltered Podcast

11:55 am - Movement Class

12:45 pm - Lunch and Panel Discussion/Q & A

1:30 pm - Closing Remarks & Community Acknowledgement

*Attendees will be divided into two groups allowing for a more intimate track sessions. All attendees will have the opportunity to attend both expert talks.

Times and details of the agenda subject to change in order to help ensure a great conference for all!

Workshop Descriptions

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Presented by Leah Stewart, MS

As a mother, finding the time to exercise is not an easy task. With To Do lists to get through, obligations to meet, laundry to fold, practices to drive to and quality time to spend with loved ones; exercise can sometimes fall to the way side, and it's perfectly understandable. Yet, what could happen if we as mothers made movement a daily priority? If everyday we worked to acquire strength, endurance, energy and release? What could we be building, not only physically, but emotionally, in the process?

In this session we will discuss why daily movement is one of the major building blocks of acquiring confidence as a woman and as a mother. Through defining the elements of true confidence and exploring the specific ways in which we can consistently incorporate movement into our life, we will better understand the first step in building better confidence and Move Everyday.


Presented by Brooke Winder, PT, DPT, OCS

As women and as mothers, we aspire to do more than just get through the day. We aspire to fully Engage in all we do. This can encompass being present in running, jumping and playing with your child (without worrying you might pee a little), being able to withstand long hours on your feet or your desk (without lower back pain), engaging physically with your partner (without discomfort), or setting new goals for yourself (like running your first race or feeling fit). 

This session will explain the concept of the pelvic floor, defining what and where it is, and why it is vital to living intentionally as women and mothers who have placed additional demands on our bodies. We will specifically explore the power of breath (your “core”), the importance of grounding (lower body) and the impact of rhythm (upper body) have on our body mechanics, allowing us to establish a solid foundation to Engage Intentionally in motherhood. 


Presented by Jenna Zaffino

Motherhood is a series of growth opportunities. Just when we think we've found our groove, we are met with a minefield of Legos that remind us that this journey is all about navigating through the unexpected and making empowered choices as we continue along. 

In this session, we'll discuss the value of embracing the "Pivot." The Pivot is a metaphor for understanding the choices available to us as mothers - a role that is challenged and transformed daily. We will create language that reminds us of the elements that help us Pivot Gracefully into alignment with the best expression of our true selves as well as our role as mothers. Finally, we will test out our strategies in real time through a movement series rich with problem-solving opportunities.

LIVELIFE movement class

Presented by Leah, Brooke & Jenna

In this final session of the conference, we will all move together during a Pilates-inspired movement class taught collectively by Leah, Brooke and Jenna. During this class, elements of each workshop will be explored through movement, leading to a stronger understanding of the concepts learned in the earlier workshops and application into how LiveLife Confidently through movement. And we'll have a lot of fun together, too! (Experience in Pilates movement is not required. See FAQ below.)


Do I need to be a mom to attend? Is this a thing for new moms/moms-to-be?

We are all about inclusion here, so women of all walks of life are welcome. Much of the subject matter will relate to motherhood and birth, so the conference is ideal for moms, but not a pre-requisite. We’ve also been asked if this is an event just for new moms & moms-to-be and the answer is no! We will be talking a lot about the demands caring for our families can place on our bodies and minds, so whether your children are newborn or off to college, we welcome you!

Do I need to go to Beachcities Church (or be religious) to attend?

Nope. Beachcities has generously provided their space for us to host this workshop because they believe in the importance of women connecting with other women. We thank them for the beautiful space and their hospitality as well as the openness to welcome our attendees.

Do I need to have experience doing Pilates to take the workshop?

No experience required. If you have any physical limitations or concerns it is important that you proceed with caution, and if applicable with the approval of your doctor.

Can I bring my kids?

Our host, Beachcities, has generously offered to make childcare services available for families with children up to 5 years old who need care during the conference. Attendees must register their child for care in advance of the conference, as space is limited. Cost is $20 per child.

Is this a conference to sell me stuff?

Nope. This is not a conference to hype you up on a service to subscribe to, a book to read, or a program to enroll in, nor is it a “vendor faire” with companies hocking their wares. This is a conference full of talking, movement and community specifically geared toward motherhood.

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We are so excited to see you at The LiveLife Motherhood Conference on November 3rd!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team at

and one of us will get back to you promptly